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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Brand of Firsts - ICT

          IBM was the first in mainframe computers or the first in computers;
       Tandem was the first in fault-tolerant computers;
        Strauss was the first in fault-tolerant minicomputers;
       Cray Research introduced the first supercomputer;
   Convex was the first mini-supercomputer;
   Amiga (by Commodore) was the first multimedia computer;
·       MITS Altair 8800 was the world’s first personal computer;
·       Dell was the first to sell computers by phone;
·       Toshiba was the first laptop computer; 
·       Wang was first in word processors;
·       Lotus was the first software company to develop a successful groupware product;
·       Sun Microsystems was the first in workstations;
·       Microsoft was the first in operating systems; 
·       Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was the first in minicomputers;
 ·       Du Mont invented the first commercial TV set.

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