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Monday, 27 February 2012

Insight on the HOLY SPIRIT! (3)

ü  The Christian cannot do without the Holy Spirit;
ü  The Holy Spirit is your Sure Guide! He helps you navigate the crossroads of life, and He alone can lead you into your inheritance;
ü  Everything that belongs to a child of God carries the seal and presence of the Holy Ghost;
ü  The Holy Spirit is an awesome and a wonderful personality;
ü  The Holy Spirit is another Comforter (Allos Paracletos) like Jesus – One of the same kind of Paraclete (Comforter);
ü  The Holy Spirit is your Counsellor or Adviser. He gives you counsels, advice, or instructions by which He guides your daily living;
ü  The Holy Spirit is your Helper any day, anytime, anywhere. He is a good God and a very present help in trouble. You’re not alone;
ü  The Holy Ghost is your Intercessor. He acts on your behalf. He is not human but He lives or takes up residence in your human body and works through you. He intercedes or prays through you; He carries out His intercessory ministry through you;
ü  The Holy Spirit searches the hearts , inner man or spirit of man;
ü  The Holy Spirit is your Advocate or Counsel for the defense. He is your Legal Representative. He is right there with you to engage your accuser;

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