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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hard Rock Christians

In good times or in bad,
whether they feel like it or not,
whether angry or happy,
whether fun or boring,
in strength or weakness,
whether they understand or not,
whether they agree or not,
with tradition or against it,
with the crowd or against it,
with friends or alone,
whether they’re popular or not,
no matter what people might say,
whether anyone is looking or nobody notices,
whether leading or following,
whether being blessed or rebuked,
whether they stand to gain or lose,
whether they will be rewarded or not,
whether their prayers are answered or rejected,
in fast times and in slow,
any day of the Week,
and in it for the long haul,
no matter what testing or challenges comes their way,
they stand firm in their love and faith of Jesus Christ.

We're called to be Hard Rock Christians.

Extracts from Word of God n Pictures at www.spiritlessons.com/ArchivedPictures

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