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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Two Business Rules to Run Your Organization by the BOOK!

Business Rule #2: Become an "And Then Some" Person.
And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Matthew 5:41
Your place in the business world is determined by what you do after you do what you're required to do. An "and then some" person does what is required and then some. They hit their goals and then some; keep promises to employees and customers and then some. An alternative is to be a "just enough" person. These pretenders with titles do just enough to get by; just enough to pay their bills; just enough not to get fired.
Becoming an "and then some" person starts with the right attitude. It is a learned discipline. In fact, human nature is not to go the second mile; it's to fall back and rest awhile. This explains why so few people sojourn farther than they have to and why Zig Ziglar said that you'll never find a traffic jam on the second mile because most folks find it troublesome to trek through the first one.
1. Understand that it's not that tough to stand out from the average crowd in the business world. It's not crowded at the top; there's plenty of room. It's crowded at the bottom.
2. Find out how far most people are going and go farther; determine where they're not going and go there; discover what they're not doing and do those things.
3. Commit to working "can't see" hours as you build a great business. "Can't see" hours means you start work when it's so dark you can't see and stop work because it's dark again and you can't see.
4. Realize that if you're not doing more than is required of you on the job that you're simply run of the mill; an average Joe like millions of others who will end up life with a big zero on their tombstone .
This Business Rule says that there are two ways you can live your life: by trying to go farther than you think you can or by not going far enough. The most successful people choose the former because they know that it's only in trying to go too far that they ever get to find out how far they can go. You never get to find out how far you can go by playing it safe. And if you're not going to go all the way why go at all?

Extracts from Dave Anderson at www.learntolead.com

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